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free upper body workout

Are You Sick Of Wasting Time During Your Workouts?

Unleash Hidden Strength, Flexibility, Balance And Coordination In Only
15 Minutes A Day – 3 Days A Week?

Are you obsessed with becoming better? Are you always looking for that edge that will make you look better, feel better and perform better in and out of the gym?

Are you interested in discovering a simple to follow, done for you system that will teach you EXACTLY what you need to do in order to turn your typical pre-workout routine into a MASSIVE, result producing warm up to increase your strength, flexibility, mobility, balance and coordination?

Then you MUST discover the secrets of the Warrior Warm Up!!

But this isn’t for you if…

…You’re happy with your current level of strength, if you have all the flexibility you’ll ever need, if you can walk on your hands easily and have perfect balance or if you have a warm up you already use that is getting you awesome results. If this is you then read NO more because this system only works for people who seriously want to build super strength and flexibility in their spare time, not for people who are only mildly interested in becoming true physical specimens.

If You Are Interested In Learning The Single Most Effective Way To Warm Up For Your Workouts That Builds Massive Strength, Flexibility, Mobility, Balance and Coordination Then Keep Reading…

Hi, I’m Tyler Bramlett, I’m the guy in the pictures above and like many of you there was a time when I followed the mainstream fitness philosophy of doing some basic stretching followed by some simple cardio before you touch the weights to make sure your body is prepared and warmed up for your workout ahead. The only problem is I never saw any gains in my flexibility, I wasn’t becoming stronger and I certainly wasn’t moving any better. The bottom line is, the old way of warming up for your workouts SUCKS! There is a better way.

As the years went on I had the privilege of training with some of the top performance experts in the fitness industry. I have literally spent over $20,000 to learn the secrets that these people know that allows their athletes to become not only strong and powerful but also to build and maintain their flexibility, balance and coordination which makes them not only perform better but less likely to get injured. I took these secrets and began applying them to my training and within a few months people were amazed at what I was capable of doing.

This made me realize that there was a good amount of strong people out there and a good amount of flexible people out there but very few people who were both strong and flexible. I couldn’t help but think to myself, “don’t these yogi’s also want to get strong?” and, “don’t these power lifters and bodybuilders want to be flexible and move well?” After all why have world-class strength if you can’t tie your shoe, and why have world-class flexibility if you cant pick up your own bodyweight? Why not aim for both?

Why not aim for superior strength, flexibility, mobility, balance and coordination?

That’s exactly what I did! I took the methods that I learned and organized them into a system that was initially only taught to 7 people who were very interested in acquiring the “Unbelievable Strength And Flexibility” that I had developed. They were amazed at the results they were getting from doing the routine for only 15 minutes 3 times a week. Finally I decided to put my routine which I call the Warrior Warm Up into a step by step, easy to follow video series that will teach you the exact exercises in the exact order that will take you from tight, immobile and uncoordinated and show you how to acquire the strength and balance of a gymnast and the flexibility and coordination of a yogi in the 15 minutes you usually spend warming up.

Here are some of the people I have worked with and the results they get from my workout systems:

I have always been a little overweight even in my days of long distance running, but being really tall it wasn’t very noticeable and I was always able to keep it around that extra 20lbs. I have always been painfully slow at gaining strength and muscle as well as being very inflexible. Within a year I have seen some amazing changes. A loss of 20lbs of fat with little muscle loss, 3” in the waist, gained strength in my core and back and slowly became more agile and better at the core movements. I have gained 3lbs of muscle with no increase in body fat and noticed more definition in my arms, back, shoulders and legs !!

I lost 11lbs and 10.5” off just my waist!!!!

What I hoped to gain is exactly what I achieved. OUTSTANDING I must tell you! Thank you soooooooo very much!

I am super happy with myself and my body! I feel like I am the best shape that I’ve been in for many years. (Plus I am amazed that my body transformed as much as it did.) I lost 8lbs and 6” in only 60 days and I have especially changed my eating habits. I actually crave protein shakes sometimes, and enjoy them! Exercising really is a pleasure- the afterglow lasts all day!

Deane Lost 14lbs in only 6 weeks!

Before, I felt like I lost the youthful body I used to have so much fun with. Now, I’ve gone down by 2” in my pant size I’ve dropped 14lbs and I’m thrilled to be under 180lbs for the first time in years. Best of all my total cholesterol has fallen along with my body fat % and I feel more energetic throughout the day, no longer feeling tired and lethargic around 3pm like I used to.

Now you may be thinking to yourself, “what this Warrior Warm Up is all about?”


Well, first the Warrior Warm Up saves you the hassle of traveling around the world, paying $10’s of thousands of dollars to seek out the secret methods that the top fitness professionals are using on their exclusive high-end clients. And it saves you the time of testing what sequences work the best for getting OUTSTANDING RESULTS in the shortest amount of time.

Second, the Warrior Warm Up works so well because it was designed to not only replace your traditional warm up of basic stretching and cardio. But to replace or introduce you to the following elements that have been proven to develop a world-class body.

The Warrior Warm Up Replaces

The Following Activities

  • Traditional Stretching – Static stretching is outdated; it takes too long and is hard to get results on unless you practice everyday. I will show you how to get extremely flexible in less time.
  • LAME Cardio Warm ups – This boring and ineffective way of warming up is the reason why I created the Warrior Warm Up (Need I Say More, Cardio Sucks!)
  • Deep Breathing & Meditation – The WWU teaches you how to breath to activate the rest and digest side of your nervous system making you more focused for your workout and giving you faster recovery.
  • Yoga Postures – Although effective, yoga just takes too much time. I would rather be weightlifting or at the beach! In the WWU You will learn only the best yoga exercises that will get you awesome results.
  • Core StabilityCrucial for anyone who either wants a ripped 6 pack or an injury proof spine. I’ll show you how to get it done in less time.
  • Core Mobility – Very few people truly understand the role of core mobility and many trainers run from the thought of things like bridging gymnastics. There is a safe way to learn this skill, I can teach you!
  • Dynamic Warm Ups – Replace your old dynamic warm up (if you are even doing one) with the WWU and get even better results!
  • Inversion Training – In the upper body sequence you will learn inversion training (or upside-down training). If you don’t know how to do things like headstands or handstands this is the easiest way to learn.
  • Balance Training – Throughout the WWU you will be building your balance and coordination that will lead you to being able to do handstands and advanced yoga poses with ease!
  • Gymnastic Skill Work – Gymnastic training is awesome!! I can teach you a few simple progressions that will teach you to move like a gymnast in record time.
  • Joint Mobility – Mobility has become very popular over the last few years and although it has its uses, the bottom line is it takes a while to see any benefit from. In the WWU you will see benefits in the first week!
  • Body Control & Awareness – Getting better at moving is the foundation of all athletic achievement. As you progress through the levels of the WWU you will begin to unlock your true potential!

Replacing Your Current Warm Up With The
Warrior Warm Up WORKS!!

I’m Getting Closer To My 6 Pack!!

In 2009 I was very motivated to get into better shape so I would be able to keep up with my new baby daughter. I had joined a crossfit gym and was enjoying the experience but was not seeing the results that I wanted. In November I was experiencing extreme pain in my legs and back. I received an MRI and was diagnosed with a tumor inside my spinal column that was pinching nerves similar to a slipped disc. After seeing a couple of specialists my wife found a surgeon that operated out of Stanford. I was rushed into surgery the first week of

December with hopes that the tumor was not cancer. After 9 hours of surgery I got an early Christmas present with the news that the tumor was not cancer. And thanks to a first class surgeon I made a full recovery a few months later now minus some of my spine. My only problem then was that I had lost all the progress I was working towards with getting into shape but was even more motivated now after being so close to such a scary situation.

I am pretty happy with how my body has turned out after a year. I am enjoying the new diet and feel great. I have a thinner stomach than before I started. This is getting me closer to my six pack!


I Lost 5” off of my waist and I feel leaner, more fit and more muscular! I feel much happier about my body!!


I lost 30lbs!! And 15.5″!! In only 6 weeks!!!

Before taking on the kettlebell challenge I felt like I was in the worst shape of my life. I had become complacent with maintaining any sort of workout routine or caring about my body. I didn’t dress the way I liked and rarely made an attempt to look good because I was not comfortable with my appearance.

Now? I feel GREAT! I am so happy that I have been able to take full advantage of this challenge to really push myself to lose weight and start the path to rebuilding myself. I feel like I have more energy, I am more awake and ready to do things than before. Its weird for me to say this but I enjoy exercising!

I’ve lost 29.3lbs so far (whoop whoop!) and have seen a noticeable difference in the size of all of my bad areas…haha my stomach is WAAAAY smaller, my face actually looks like a face rather than a ball of silly putty with eyes, ears and a mouth and I feel a lot better in a lot of my clothes, I actually had to go out and buy 3 new pairs of jeans since I dropped from a size 40 to a 34!!

I am extremely excited and motivated to continue the weight loss and continue to live a healthy lifestyle!

The real secret to why the Warrior Warm Up works so well isn’t that it replaces all of the systems listed above but that it combines them. This way you develop several different skills all at once.

By replacing your old warm up routine with the Warrior Warm Up you are going to see massive gains in your strength, flexibility, balance and coordination that you didn’t think was even possible. And all of this from a system that takes only 15 minutes to perform.

You’re Going To Be Shocked At How Easy It Is
To Get Awesome Results!

I’ve not only created a program that show you the EXACT PROGRESSIONS that you need to do, but as a special bonus if you order today you will receive 2 FREE BONUSES that you can use to accelerate your results even further!!

Here’s What You Get With
The Warrior Warm Up System




The Best part Is That This Entire System Is Completely Downloadable, So Once You Invest In This System, You Will Get INSTANT ACCESS!

Valued At $169.95 Yours for Only $19.95

Plus I Know For Sure That You Are Gonna Get Awesome Results By Following The Warrior Warm Up System So I Offer A Special
60 Day – 100% Money Back Guarantee
Just To Prove How Confident I Am!!

Valued At $169.95 Yours for Only $19.95

Used to weigh 240lbs…Now Finally Broke the 200lb mark at 198lb!

I used to weigh 240lbs and have gradually been losing fat while gaining muscle. I used to have high blood pressure but because of diet and exercise I now have that under control.

I’m happy that I lost several inches and all of my clothes are much looser.

I feel much thinner in my waist while I gained or maintained muscle. I am very happy to have lost a few lbs while keeping my muscle mass. I also really think that I am more flexible while exercising.

I lost 14.5lbs and 9 inches in only 6 weeks!

And almost 5” off just my waist!

Before the challenge I was not a fan of my body. I was very self-conscious of my stomach and thighs and I do a lot to hide my body through the way I dress and even the workout clothes I wear. Four years ago I went through a tough breakup and moved back to Santa Cruz. I put on 30lbs in one year and wasn’t able to lose it.

Now after the challenge I am feeling so much better about my body. This is the first time I have ever seen any change. I have lost 14.5lbs and 9 inches in only 6 weeks! And almost 5” off just my waist. Also I’ve been able to fit into some jeans that I couldn’t fit into before but was to stubborn to get rid of.

By now, you may be asking yourself how much a Life Changing System like this could be worth…
$50, $100, maybe even $200?

Truth is… it will cost you a lot more (much more) to learn about all of these secrets by spending years and years going to seminars and classes just to find them yourself. Like I said before I have spent over $20,000 and traveled around the world to learn from some of the brightest minds in the fitness industry… and that was just on training alone! If, by following the Warrior Warm Up, you are able to achieve serious gains in your strength, flexibility, mobility, balance and coordination, you will have saved $10’s of thousands of dollars and years of trial and error trying to figure out EXACTLY what works!

Better Yet… even if you could afford to train with all of the people that I learned from (usually spending $2500-$4000 per trip) you would have a hard time finding one that is capable of performing or understands the system I created. It took me years to build a system that gives you results like the ones you will receive from following the Warrior Warm Up!

The entire Warrior Warm Up System has a value of over $169.95 but right now, you can save $150.00 just for this introductory offer, and invest only $19.95.

Get The Entire Warrior Warm Up System PLUS
2 FREE Bonuses For Only $19.95

Now you can get the most effective workout warm up system ever created. You get The Warrior Warm Up Manual, The Warrior Warm Up Follow Along Guide, The Success Tracker Journal and 2 Free Bonuses, The Warrior Flexibility Program and The Warrior Recovery Routine while saving 88% off the regular price.

Valued At $169.95 Yours For Only $19.95

Before I was definitely carrying extra lbs. I’ve struggled with my weight all of my life. I used to be able to just eat decently and lose some weight but now at 58, I find it harder to lose.

I lost 11lbs in 6 weeks and I feel great. My surfing and biking have improved! I’m stoked! Thank you!

Obese. That word hit me so hard I nearly lost my breath. Though I had progressively been gaining weight over the years, I never thought of myself in that way. I still saw myself as I was in my early twenties when I weighed 135lbs. But at 5’8” and now 220lbs, my doctor needed to splash some water in my face. And that he did using the single word obese.

Nothing stuck until I signed up with Tyler. At first I was afraid I didn’t have what it took to do an intense Cross Training program. I was so out of shape! Well I decided to just go for it and tried the Intro class. Yes, it kicked by butt and I was so sore the next few days that I was carefully walking down stairs like a pregnant woman. But I stuck with it and within two weeks I had lost 5 lbs!!

Finally getting results was super encouraging so I kept with it. My wife and I decided to change our eating habits and in another 6 weeks I lost 15 more pounds! At this point at the end of September, I had lost 20 pounds altogether since I started in late July.

I learned the keys to breaking though any plateaus I encounter through the nutrition program. I started the challenge at 194 pounds and over the next six weeks, by sticking to the program, I systematically lost 2 pounds a week and now I am down to 182 pounds!!

I lost 12 pounds on the challenge and 35 pounds overall. Nothing else has worked for me. Now, I am adding years to my life. I have more energy and stamina for life in general and am able to do things that I could never have done just four months ago. My wife says I’m not only healthier, I’m happier, more positive, stronger and more fun to be with in general! Best of all, I’m no longer obese and finally have the tools to not only stay that way but to become extremely fit and athletic for the first time since I was 20!

Very seriously…

You Have Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain

Best Case: Through the things that you learn, you end up increasing your performance to unheard of levels. You become the fittest person you know and kids and adults alike are knocking down your door to learn the secret routine that made all the difference!

Worse Case: You give the Warrior Warm Up the “old college try”…and nothing happens. That’s unlikely…but you’ll still have the opportunity to get your full money back just for giving it a “shot”.

You can’t lose…unless you procrastinate and miss out on this one-time offer.

I urge you not to put this off. There is a very real…and very likely chance that this offer will expire very soon. So…I urge you to start using the Warrior Warm Up System today.

Don’t put this off: Remember, people who succeed with fitness make the choice to do so fast and with passion…and due to limited numbers, this is one decision that you definitely do not want to delay until tomorrow. There is a very real…and very serious chance that this special opportunity and these extra bonuses will not be around for long. So…

This could be the best decision you ever make!


Tyler Bramlett


Get The Entire Warrior Warm Up System PLUS
2 FREE Bonuses For Only $19.95

Now you can get the most effective workout warm up system ever created. You get The Warrior Warm Up Manual, The Warrior Warm Up Follow Along Guide, The Success Tracker Journal and 2 Free Bonuses, The Warrior Flexibility Program and The Warrior Recovery Routine while saving 88% off the regular price.

Valued At $169.95 Yours For Only $19.95

P.S. Remember there is No Risk at all to try out the Warrior Warm Up System. If you aren’t thrilled with the increases you will see in your strength and flexibility within 60 days, just let me know and you will get a 100% refund. The Warrior Warm Up System has already worked for many others and I know it will work for you!!

P.P.S. There is one catch to this however… You need to act now to get the complete Warrior Warm Up System and both free bonuses. I’ve been told that the Warrior Warm Up System is way too cheap and this limited market test of only $19.95 will end soon, or if I decide to keep the price the same the free bonuses will be withdrawn at any time and put up for sale separately.


Just Click Below or you will miss out on this special market test to get your hands on the complete Warrior Warm Up System for $150 off the list price!

Valued At $169.95 Yours For Only $19.95

Please contact Garage Warrior for support or with your questions.